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Multidimensional cost tracking

Probably in your banking application you have already got used to the general categorisation of your costs: groceries/food, energy/utilities, insurance, equipment etc. Regularly it works in one dimension. But as we live in a multidimensional world, the cost tracking must be multidimensional as well.

Beyond the usual one dimension

Beyond the usual Continuity provides you with two additional dimensions:

  • Purpose
  • Beneficiary

Why is multidimension useful?

The purpose of your insurance can be the security of your house or apartment, the security of your car, or to cover the costs of an accident or an illness during your holiday. The purpose is often more relevant than the kind of service you use. Your accommodation is a must, without an insurance you can get homeless. Your car has an alternative: you can use public transport instead. And finally, the holiday is a nice purpose, but in case of emergency you can live without it.

The beneficiary dimension may seem useless: Who wants to measure the members of the family by cents? But in some woeful situations it can be very useful. For example, when you have to share the parenting costs with your ex-partner. Especially if one or both of you are already in a new relationship.

By the multidimensional cost tracking you can define different beneficiaries within the family. It is useful in case of divorce.

Automatic categorisation of every dimension

Most of the costs repeat weekly, monthly or every semester. If you have already categorised a kind of cost at once, the application will categorise the further occurrences of the similar transactions automatically. What will consider the app as similar? For example: transfer to the same bank account or to a partner with the same name. Payment with the same reference or with the same comment. Thanks to this service the categorisation will be done automatically after a month. You only have to control the correctness. And the automatism works on every dimension of your multidimensional cost tracking.